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SME IP PBX Solutions


The PBX (private branch exchange or sometimes a PABX - private automatic branch exchange) is the briefcase size box mounted to the wall that all your phones are connected to. It allows you to share incoming and out-going lines and to make calls between internal phones just by dialing the extension number. VP-Pro PBX replaces that old box with a tiny modem-sized device (15x12x3cm) that does everything the old clunker did and more.

Designed for businesses with between 5 and 100 employees, VP-Pro PBX utilises a state-of-the-art VoicePipes IP PBX system to connect all the office's phones together over the same cabling that the computers use. This is all part of the latest buzz known as Converged Communications. By using VoicePipes IP Phones or by integrating existing analogue phones with VoicePipes IP Media Gateways all voice communication becomes digital and passes either over the business' internal LAN or their broadband Internet connection. A 100Mbit internal LAN can easily handle hundreds of concurrent calls and a single ADSL Internet connection can often handle ten to twenty concurrent calls.

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