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VoiceMatrix - Enterprise PBX Solution

VoiceMatrix Enterprise PBX
VoicePipes today announces the immediate availability of its VoiceMatrix range of large enterprise IP PBX servers. Designed for the larger organisation of between 100 and 1000 employees, the VoiceMatrix platform combines all the advantages of an open standards solution with user friendly interfaces, extensive features, 24x7 monitoring and high reliability hardware while at the same time offering one of the best price to performance ratios available in New Zealand.

VoiceMatrix can also be deployed on high availability servers which offer five nines of reliability (99.999%), equaling carrier grade performance.

All of VoicePipes IP PBX solutions are continuously monitored and allow quick reaction to any potential issue.

VoicePipes IP PBX solutions use open standards and can communicate with the most common VoIP and PSTN protocols, such as SIP, H.323 and ISDN.

The VoiceMatrix enterprise platform can be deployed in a distributed environment allowing a unified dialplan across all your offices.

Calls can be routed using follow-me, least cost routing, sent to a unified voicemail box (voice mail to e-mail) or recorded.

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