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IP Trunking

IP Trunking

Many businesses already have in place, a perfectly good PABX (or PBX) system installed in their offices. VP-Connect is VoicePipes' voice-over-Internet offering which allows for the replacement of the standard POTS or PSTN incoming line from Telecom with a digital Internet VoIP line. The receptionist or other office telephone user sees no changes at all. In fact the only one who will notice is the person who pays the phone bills at the end of the month - it will be a lot less.

Installed with the assistance of your PBX supplier or maintenance people, a Multi-Port Media Gateway is placed at the rear of your PBX. This replaces the incoming and outgoing lines that were formerly supplied by Telecom. This Gateway is then connected to your Internet router and acts as the instrument that converts your telephone calls into digital Internet signals. It also receives your incoming calls and connects them to your PBX. Your phone system never knows the difference.

The cost of a traditional setup is based on the number of lines required. That is, the maximum number of both incoming and outgoing calls that can happen at the same time. VoIP works differently, so to keep it simple VP-Connect is offered at just one-half the cost of your existing monthly line rental charge and we will provide as many trunk connections as your PBX is capable of handling.

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