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Business, Residential & Traveller Telephony Solutions

VoicePipes is an international communications company specialising in the delivery of voice, text and video communication using state-of-the-art Internet-based technologies. While fully embracing international open standards, VoicePipes is able to provide robust business-grade services to a broad range of markets at highly competitive prices.

Feature-rich is an apt description of every VoicePipes product whether that be a Hosted PBX installation for a major company or a simple phone card for the international traveller. Remaining focused while thinking laterally is the means by which VoicePipes continues to remain a market and technology leader.

Business Solutions for the SME Marketplace

Phone Card Solutions

  Every business needs to be taking a serious look at lowering costs and overheads in today's troubled economic environment. Although many consider that a business phone is simply a necessary expense, it is a fact that there are alternatives to your current provider that can save you as much as eighty percent (80%) on your monthly bill and offer your business a better, more flexible service at the same time.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has been used by major corporations and international phone carriers for over twenty (20) years. Today, with advances in computer technology, both hardware and software, VoIP telephony services are revolutionising the way small and medium businesses communicate.

Whether you are a small operator with just two (2) incoming lines or larger business with as many as 20 lines and hundreds of extensions. Simply, the bigger your current phone bill, the more VoicePipes can save you. Contact us today to claim your savings! For more information
  Operating under it's Fone Kards brand, VoicePipes offers a full assortment of traditional Phone Cards for use in either Australia and New Zealand.

From within New Zealand

From within Australia

Residential Telephone Solutions


Personal Long Distance Calling

  If you have a broadband Internet connection, VoicePipes Residential Service looks and acts just like your existing phone except that it costs you less. Pick up the handset and you'll hear a dialtone. Dial a number and it will ring that phone - across town or around the world. And you can keep your existing phone number too.

Unlike other voice over Internet ("VoIP") services, VoicePipes doesn't use your computer, making you use some ridiculious headset or restrict you to call only someone else on the same service. It's a regular phone, calling any phone anytime, anywhere. It's just cheaper!

Contact VoicePipes today to find out how you can start saving right away. For more information
  Residents of both New Zealand and Australia are able to take avantage of the VoicePipes services that not only offer great prices on national & international calls but also offer terrific features like accounts that never expire, Pinless Dialing, Speed Dialing & Friends-Included.

From within New Zealand

From within Australia

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