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It's Party Time

It's Official - VoicePipes loses out attempting to secure a $500,000 IP PBX contract with the National Library of New Zealand. While you'd generally not think that losing a contract would be time for celebration, we at VoicePipes are proud to be able to announce that we were at least in the running. It would have made much better news to be able to say that we won against the likes of Siemens and Nortel but we'll take what we can get. Why not celebrate with us?

The tender proposals for the National Library, admittedly, had to offer a larger system than we had previously offered commercially. They needed an initial system supporting over 500 extensions, serving 3 locations in Wellington but expandable to include another 100 or so VoIP phones located all around the country. Ooh, big ask you might say for the new player from small town Nelson. It turns out that this is just the sort of capability that we have developed and implemented for serving our own hosted PBX and calling card customers.

The task turned out to one of commercialising in-house technology and then trying to make our proposal believable. In the end we were tripped up by the simple fact that we'd never sold one of these big systems before and so had no "reference sites". We did, however, manage to put together a delivery, support and training team that we belive could have provided an excellent solution at a competitive price - kool!

So, it wasn't quite what the National Library wanted but if you need a 500 seat PBX take a look at our new VoiceMatrix - enterprise PBX system.

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