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VoicePipes - Voice Networks with a Future

Information for Prospective Dealers

Interested in Selling VoIP?

VoicePipes is a new, business-class, voice-over-Internet offering intended to be marketed exclusively through computer dealers and independent telephone installers.

It involves not only the provision of VoIP itself but also all the necessary customer premises equipment such as IP PBXs, media gateways and telephone handsets. Its a complete package targeted at the SME business market of 5 to 100 employees.

Your Clients will Love VoIP
  1. low cost national and international calling rates
  2. state-of-the-art IP PBX systems that cost a small fraction of the competition
  3. drastic reduction in phone line rental
  4. improved business disaster recovery & portability

Selling VoIP has Advantages
  1. a new, quality, competitive product to offer your clients
  2. a "hot" selling technology that enhances your "full service" capability
  3. easy to install with minimal staff training
  4. substantial profit margins
  5. recurring revenue streams that could last forever

Its easy to start selling some of today's hottest technology. All configurations of VoicePipes can be completely installed and mechanically maintained by any network savvy computer dealer or telephone installer. VP-FreeWorldCall can be customer installed. DataPipes will provide remote configuration and 24/7 support for all installations.

Contact Mark, our Manager of Dealer Sales today, on 03-929-5682 to discuss becoming a dealer in this exciting product area.

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