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VoicePipes - Voice Networks with a Future

Upgrading to VoIP has never been easier!

VoicePipes can reduce your monthly phone bill by 50% or more!

By switching to one of VoicePipes' Business-Grade VoIP service offerings, almost every business in New Zealand can save big money.

STOP reading right now if you enjoy paying your phone bill each month but if your business has three (3) or more phone lines and you'd like to pay less, then VoicePipes can probably help by:
  • Slashing the cost of new connection costs. If you will shortly be moving or installing new phone service, the cost of setting up a 4-line Telecom service can easily run $500 or more. VoicePipes charges only $59 for new accounts up to 10 lines.

  • Cutting your monthly line rental by as much as 50%. Your line rental costs you money every month even if you make no calls. By using a VoicePipes Business VoIP service you start each month saving, perhaps hundreds of dollars.

  • Charging you less on every call you make. VoicePipes is able to offer your business lower cost calls, no matter where you call. Local calls cost less - national calls cost less than half what the big boys charge - International calls cost only pennies.

  • Keeping your existing Phone Number. Perhaps you've had the same phone number for years. It's how your customers know it find you. By all means, retain that number but still save with VoicePipes.

VoicePipes has a state-of-the-art VoIP service for almost every business from 5 to 100 or more employees. If you just have couple of Telecom or Vodafone business lines our Hosted PBX system might be just right. If you require integrating VoIP into 20 or 30 line existing PABX system currently using expensive ISDN connections a VoicePipes SIP Trunking solution is likely what you'll require. Ring VoicePipes today and we can have a solution to your business telecommunication needs ready by tomorrow.

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